Top Promotional Apparel That Businesses Buy

Promotional clothing and apparel has become extremely popular in recent years, and a lot of businesses use them to attract new customers. These types of Colorado business promotional items are often worn or carried around openly, so it provides a remarkable way to carry out the message about your business without spending a lot of money on expensive advertising.

But let’s take a closer look at what exactly are the top promotional apparel that most businesses use. Knowing more about these items should help you make a more informed choice for your business as well.

T-Shirts and Clothing vs. Promotional Apparel

It’s impossible to ignore the similarities and differences between using promotional clothing such as t-shirts and jackets and promotional apparel items that may include socks, footwear, safety vests, face masks and the classic bandana.

A lot of businesses prefer clothing because it’s more mainstream. Just about everybody these days focuses on buying t-shirts rather than a specific type of apparel, and some apparel will also make it difficult to print promotional graphics and text. Nevertheless, there is a growing market for personalized face masks, safety vests and stylish apparel such as bandanas. So you can definitely profit from choosing apparel over clothing, as long as you do your research properly.

Promotional Masks and Safety Vests

Safety gear never goes out of style, since people use it constantly. Whether they opt to buy face masks that combine style with function to prevent infection, or brightly colored safety vests to use while riding bikes and scooters around town, most people will not hesitate to spend good money to ensure that their safety equipment is not just practical but also in line with the latest trends.

You can profit from that easily by using stylish safety apparel as part of your marketing campaigns. All you have to do is come up with a catchy design to promote your brand and logo, and you’re all set to improve on your business’ existing success.

Colorado business promotional items

Head Coverings

Caps, bandanas and beanies are great for profit. So are sunglasses and safety goggles. These types of apparel are worn in public very often, and since the first thing every (decent) person looks at is the other person’s face or head, they are likely to get a lot of exposure.

You can really get creative with head coverings, for example painting graphics on caps and beanies that will show only on one side, or creating unique, high contrast, colorful graphics that blends in perfectly to highlight your company’s logo. For bandanas, tiled and repetitive graphics might be a better choice, since visibility will always depend on how people actually wear them.

Footwear and Other Apparel

Footwear is becoming pretty popular when it comes to their use in the marketing campaigns of most businesses. You can find lots of socks featuring cute designs and the occasional business logo slapped alongside the graphics, as well as shoes or even shoelaces that are focused on company colors and branding.

Neck wear, scarves and ponchos are also popular in some areas, but you really have to do your research on them to be able to use them properly. Investing money on one of these items in an area or at a time when they’re not likely to be too popular will not help you earn too much money. However, with the help of a dependable provider of Colorado business promotional items, you will get all your questions answered.

How to Find an Excellent Business Broker in Colorado

The search for a dependable and skilled business broker in Colorado can be tedious and lengthy, especially if you’ve never sold a business before. Fortunately, lack of experience doesn’t mean you can’t get quality support, especially in a place like Denver.

The steps needed to locate the best Colorado business brokers and compare them to find the one that will provide you with ideal services can be taken quite swiftly, and they will lead you precisely where you need to be.

Where to Start Looking

Business brokers can be harder to find if you don’t know the area. However, with Denver growing larger on a continuous basis, it won’t take long before you find a few dependable brokers who will be friendly and helpful enough to talk to you about your requirements.

The best place to start is your sphere of influence or business network. Talk to business partners that you trust and look for people who have recently sold their businesses successfully. Even if you don’t know them so well, the simple fact that you can get one of your trusted partners to recommend them will be enough to make their words carry a lot of weight.

A more subtle approach is to check to see who is currently listing businesses for sale in the Denver area and check their qualifications discretely with the help of your local industry contacts. Although this method doesn’t always work out, you can still get a lead or two that will help you put together a list of possible candidates for company brokers who can and are willing to assist you with your own business.

Colorado busines brokers

How to Talk to a Business Broker

Once you get a few recommendations regarding Colorado business brokers that might be suitable for you, it’s time to do a quick background check on them to see which ones might be the best to call on. Once you narrow down your list, it’s time to contact them and schedule an appointment to see if you’re able to get them to represent you.

Be prepared to fight for your case and prove that your business is worth good money. Although some brokers will be more accepting than others, it’s always a good idea to work on preparing yourself for greater scrutiny, especially if you plan to hire the very best business brokers in Denver. Most of them are highly sought after, and they don’t commit to every business, so that they won’t spread themselves too thin. As such, you’ll be the one who has to prove that your business is worth the extra work hours and manpower that they will be investing into selling it.

Keep your goal in mind but be diplomatic and courteous, and above all, prepare to present your business in such a way that the benefits of selling it will be clear to the business brokers you talk to. With this approach, you’ll be able to find perfect Colorado business brokers without too much effort, and your business will likely fetch an excellent sum as a result.

Are Credit Unions Only Available to Members?

The short answer to the question in the title is yes, credit unions offer their products and services only to their members. Here is how these financial institutions work and what to expect if you are eligible to join a credit union.

Castle Rock credit union

What Are Credit Unions

Credit unions are special types of financial institutions called cooperatives formed by people who share some sort of affiliation or interest, for example, they belong to the same community, they have the same profession or they work for the same employer – that shared feature is considered to be a guarantee that all the members of the union have the union’s best interest at heart. The people who form the credit union are called members and they are also the owners of the credit union. Like any founder of an organization, credit union members also have the right to know how their organization is performing, therefore every credit union organizes an annual general meeting, where the union’s results are presented and the attending members can participate in discussions regarding important decisions to make for the future.

The income of credit unions comes from members lending money with interest rates to other members. Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations, which means that any profit made during the financial year goes toward improving the union’s products and services and towards annual dividend payments made to the members.

How to Become a Credit Union Member

The affiliation or features shared by the members of a credit union is called the common bond – anyone who shares that bond can become a member. Most credit unions require aspiring adult members to provide a proof if identity through a photo ID, such as a driving license or passport and proof of address with a utility bill or a bank statement that is not older than 6 months. Many credit unions have children’s accounts as well – anyone who wants to open an account for a child needs to provide the child’s birth certificate or passport and the photo ID and proof address of the adult who is opening the account for the child, usually a parent or a guardian.

How to Save Money with Your Credit Union Account

Most credit unions provide members with multiple options to put money into their accounts. Some of the most popular options include online transfers from accounts held in other financial institutions, such as a bank and wages sent directly to the credit union account.

The Services Provided by Credit Unions

A trustworthy Castle Rock credit union offers many financial products that are very similar to the products offered by banks. The range includes deposit accounts, credits and many other services. What makes credit unions such great options is that the interest rates and the other conditions they practice on their loans are much more favorable than the conditions offered by banks. Credit unions also offer a much more personal approach to handling the member’s financing, with personal contact between the union’s consultant and the member and with financial education involved as well.

Advantages of a Real Estate Agent in Buying a Home

Some things are better left in the hands of the experts.

In this digital age, information is just a click away and access to DIY tips and tutorials is at our fingertips – so it could be tempting to skip hiring a real estate agent and do everything yourself. However, searching through so much data will keep you glued to the screen and knowing where to start requires experience and education that you simply cannot get in a short time. Therefore, in order to save your energy and make the right choice, whether you want to buy or sell a home, pay for a professional to represent you.

Hiring a professional real estate agent listing houses for sale in Erie CO saves you time and money and, most of all, he/ she makes the process of buying or selling a property smooth and easy. And since your agent is just a phone call away, you can get the result you need in no time.

houses for sale in Erie CO

Here are 3 advantages of collaborating with a real estate agent in buying a property in Erie CO:

Qualified experience

A professional real estate agent buys and sells more properties in a year than a person will do in their entire life, which is a guarantee that they will help you avoid pitfalls. For example, sales contracts are long and confusing and even a small mistake can lead to big problems. But, since real estate agents deal with these contracts on a daily basis, they have the expertise to guide you with the documents you need, in a simple and efficient way.

In addition, professional agents have information about the neighborhood, from the best schools and parks to the fastest routes to work. So your agent will know if there are any developments underway that will change the neighborhood in the future, such as a new residential complex or a major highway construction. By finding out in which direction the neighborhood is heading, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

A global network for your local issues

A real estate agent who is part of a larger organization has the advantage of a global network on which to rely. With a larger community of experts behind them, your agent can get detailed information about the market conditions in your dream city, or can put you in touch with other experts such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, interior designers, and many others.

Sophisticated resources for the best results

If you are interested in houses for sale in Erie CO, a professional real estate agent has access to the latest data, so you will be the first person to know when a real estate property that meets your requirements enters the market, so it can help you react quickly. An agent will be ready to schedule a tour of the house as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss the house of your dreams, just because someone who knew the market better saw it before you!

At the same time, you may not know how much a home is really worth without having information about similar transactions in the neighborhood, so you will need a comparative market analysis from a professional real estate agent.


Questions to Ask Safety Staffing Agencies

Hiring a safety special agency is an efficient and cost effective ways for companies to comply with OHSA regulations. Instead of spending time and money with a complex recruitment process, they outsource the safety specialist position to a company which provides qualified and skilled staff.

At this basic level, things appear extremely simple: go online, find a safety staffing agency near you and hire it. In reality, things are more complex than that. First of all, not all agencies are equal. Some of them have been on the market for many years and have a large roster of safety specialists to assign to their clients. Others are newly incorporated and still in the development phase. Also, you may fall victim to scammers.

How Do You Identify a Reliable Safety Staffing Agency?

Before you actually contact a safety staffing agency, you can look for elements indicating its reliability and professionalism. First of all, check if it is BBB accredited. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a government agency that offers ratings to companies based on various positive and negative factors, such as annual turnover, customer complaints, lawsuits, financial position, etc.

Secondly, check the company name on Google. You will get an information box containing information about the business, such as its website, physical address, business category, opening hours, etc. You will also find a rating – the maximum being 5 stars – calculated by Google based on the ratings left by customers.

Last but not least, check for testimonials on the company website. Once you are fairly satisfied that you found reputable safety staffing agencies, you can schedule an initial meetings with them.

safety staffing agencies - questions to ask

What Questions You Must Ask during the First Meeting

To avoid wasting time, you should be able to get a set of details about the company activity and the personnel they work with. Here are the questions you should ask the safety staffing agency representative during the initial discussion:

  1. What Area of Safety Do You Specialize In?

Each industry has specific safety standards. For example, the food industry focuses on avoiding contamination and preventing sick employees from getting in contact with any raw ingredients or finished products.

Professional safety staffing agencies usually specialize in one or two industries, with similar regulations and restrictions. In the example above, the food and pharmaceutical industries have similar safety standards and high levels of regulation.

  1. How Do You Screen Employees?

When you hire a safety special agency, you will not have the opportunity to screen an employee. You will receive a brief for the recommended person, including highlights of their CV.

However, you must make sure that you bring certified professional into your company, with no restrictions in performing their job duties. Thus, the staffing agency should show transparency in showing you what background checks they perform before they hire a person.

  1. What If an Employee Is Not a Good Fit for My Company?

How soon will the staffing agency replace the person with a new safety specialist? Will you be able to discuss the issue, so that the staffing agency understands why their employee was not a good fit? What kind of compensation are you entitled to if any legal problems occur during the time the respective person is working for your company?

  1. What Are Your Fees?

Last but not least, make sure that you afford the fees of the safety staffing agency. Usually, the more specialized their employees are, the higher the monthly fee will be.

How Do I Sort Through All the Executive Recruitment Agencies?

If you are looking for new members in your organization to fill executive positions, there are several options available for you: you can recruit internally, promoting one of your employees from a lower-level position; you can advertise the job opening the same way as you would advertise your other positions or you can turn to an executive recruitment agency. Unfortunately, internal recruiting is not an option for every company and finding your next executive can also be problematic as most great executives either do not seek a new job actively or, if they do, they find a new position in a matter of minutes, so turning to a recruiting expert might just be the right solution for your organization, too. Here are some tips how to pick the best recruitment agency from all the great, specialized companies available in your area.

Identify the Exact Criteria that You Need Your Candidates to Fulfill

Determining the exact parameters for your candidates is essential for finding not only the new talent you need, but also the recruiters who will find that new talent for you. Make up your mind about what you want, identify the key tasks and responsibilities that come with the position as well as the personality traits, experience and qualification that you need your candidates to have.

executive recruitment agencies

Identify the Agencies that Have Experience in Recruiting for Your Industry Segment

Each industry segment is different, so the best executive recruitment agencies to turn to are companies that have experience in working for clients in your segment. One of the most efficient ways to identify such industries is to tap into your network of industry colleagues to ask them to provide you recommendations and opinions about the agencies that they have used. You can also talk to your top-level executives to find out whether they have ever been recruited by such an agency.

Other methods to identify suitable agencies is to use online resources. There are many recruiter directories that you can access for free or for a small fee, you can search for suitable companies on employment-oriented platforms or you can carry out your own research on your preferred search engines to carry out a local search for the company websites of recruiters.

Interview Agencies

When you have a list with three or four agencies that seem suitable based on your preliminary research, contact the agencies and schedule a meeting. During the meeting, ask questions about how long the company has been in the business, about their experience in recruiting top talent for your niche, about the recruitment processes that they use to identify, to approach and to evaluate candidates, about their fee structure as well as about how they handle the interviewing processes. Take notes during each meeting and compare your notes before you make the final decision. Try to think about the impressions that the agency’s representative has made on you and only hire a company that inspires you trust and that you can imagine turning to with your future executive openings as well.

I Want to Sell My Business. Now What?

how to sell my business

In the process of selling a company, it is very important to understand the real reasons why you want to sell your business, but also how to make the transfer, so that you get the desired results.

The result of the sale is directly influenced by yours and your broker`s ability to make the transfer by taking into account a few simple rules and approaching a transparent attitude towards the reasons why you decided to sell the business.

How to sell my business? Follow these organized steps:


  • Business analysis

Diagnosis (legal, commercial, technical, human resources, financial)


Realistic Business Plan

Evaluation / Price Expectations

  • Implementation of strategy & materials

Sale of shares vs. transfer of business

Strategic Investors vs. Financial Investors

Total / partial success


The working team

Estimated working schedule

  • Identify investors

Long list

Marketing the proposal to the prospects in the list and through specialized platforms


Short list

Meetings, visits, trips

Select prospectuses

Indicative offer

Due Diligence

  • Contract negotiation. Completion

Final Offer

Negotiations: Price, Terms & Conditions, Representations & Warranties


Transfer price-shares / shares

Post-completion procedures

Beware of mistakes often made by business owners in the process of selling the business, as well as their consequences! 


  • Giving too little importance to business preparation
  • Building price expectations on a strictly subjective basis, without taking into account the market situation, similar transactions etc.
  • Starting the process of selling the business without the consent of partners and / or families (if applicable)
  • During the negotiations, becoming emotionally involved, beyond the control
  • Being inflexible
  • Imagining that by hiding certain aspects of the business, they will not be discovered by anyone until the end
  • Being too optimistic when providing information and estimates about the future potential of the business (the business includes false data and information), believing that the investor will pay the money without checking;
  • Granting unjustifiably, during due diligence, full access to many of the extremely confidential information related to customers, employees etc.
  • Confusion is made between the business and the company’s assets or the value of the assets is overestimated in the transaction price
  • The importance of internal confidentiality is underestimated, and the information that the business is sold reaches the market and / or employees, with disastrous effects for the sale;
  • Most business owners call their business “my child”, and assume that the investor has the same feelings about the “child”, but this is not true.


  • The transaction may fail even in spite of the desire to sell or the fairness of the price and conditions that are being offered
  • The investor may withdraw their intention to buy after due diligence, but is left with a lot of information that they can use in their interest
  • You can jeopardize the “life” of the business, if, when you have to choose between selling at a lower price and not selling at all, you choose the latter option – given that the sale was perhaps the only valid option
  • Employees, competitors, banks, suppliers find out that you want to sell and exploit the information in their own interest
  • Employees get scared and leave the company, together with customers
  • Negotiations may fail in a disastrous way and, from a potential partner, you get yourself with a fierce rival.



How Do I Find Information On Elder Care Agencies?

Although, in general, the diseases and illnesses determined by the old age are irreversible, medical assistance and professional elder care agencies can help to slow down their evolution and prevent the deterioration of the quality of life.

Denver personal injury firms offer elder care negligence support

When a senior needs care, the situation can easily become difficult for the family. Not all people can ensure proper care and cope with this additional responsibility. Besides, as the disease progresses, there are more and more concerns to address. The best decision in this case is to seek the help of a specialized person – a caregiver, to support the family and accompany the patient in everyday life.

The role of caregivers: more than just a job

Elder care is a delicate task, in which even some caregivers may reach their personal limits. We must be honest and say that not all people can cope with this task. The qualities that a good caregiver must have include:

  • Sympathy for the elderly and the desire to work with them
  • Each house has its own rules and the faster the caregiver adapts, the easy-going the relationship with the patient and their family
  • The ideal caregiver is understanding and has the ability to transpose into the patient’s mind and to understand what the patient and his relatives are feeling, without losing their own personality.
  • Under stressful conditions, the caretaker must maintain his calm and remain on top of the situation. The lack of patience is excluded when you work with seniors.
  • The pleasure of getting in touch with other people, being useful to them, the ease of interacting with other people and of being active, friendly and communicative are essential.
  • Good physical shape. The tasks of a caregiver are sometimes heavy, requiring sustained physical effort.
  • No special school or qualification is required, but experience in caring for an elderly person is important. Medical knowledge is also an advantage, although caregivers do not carry out medical tasks.

Being the caregiver of an elderly person is a very special and demanding task. The caregiver has a lot of responsibility for the senior in care and must exercise their duties constantly and conscientiously, without exceeding their competences.Sometimes unfortunately, a person in a position of care is negligent leading to personal injury. To avoid the need to consult with Denver personal injury firms, do a significant amount of due diligence before hiring a care team.

To find out more information on elder care agencies, you have different options. First, you must talk to your doctor, who should be the best source of quality information. Alternatively, you can discuss this topic with a friend or with acquaintances that have been in the situation to hire the services of an elder care agency, or to look for information online. There is a public service of the U.S. Administration – the Eldercare Locator, created to facilitate connection with services for older adults and their families. With just a few clicks, you can get information on support services, housing, elder rights, insurance and benefits, health and transportation. The eldercare locator also has a useful brochure designed to increase awareness of home modifications, as well as helpful resources and details on long-term care planning.


What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability is the name of one of the insurances available for your business. It is important to have one because it covers property damage, bodily injury and other claims such as advertising, protecting your budget. If you do not purchase this type of coverage, you will have to pay the costs of the claims with money from your pocket, with personal assets and even with your own business.

Nowadays, the number of business lawsuits increases every day, so you should consider protecting yourself with general liability insurance even if it is not required by law.

What costs are covered by this insurance?

  • Bodily injury (people injured on your business property that make a claim against your business for their accident).
  • Third party property damage (another property is damaged accidentally by the activity carried by your employees)
  • Advertising injury (your advertising practices may be infringing on other business, because of copyright issues)
  • Reputation Harm (other businesses may consider that you attacked their reputation if you publicly talk about them in unflattering ways) and they can make a claim of libel and slander against you.

With general liability insurance you can cover costs for legal teams to represent you, evidence costs, witness fees, as well as judgments or settlements.

 What is not covered?

This type of insurance does not cover work accidents, occupational diseases, or damage to your business property. For such incidents, you must have workers’ comp and commercial property insurance.

General Liability Insurance is not required by law, but unless you are financially prepared to survive large liability claims, you should purchase it. According to statistics, 25% of small businesses will experience a claim in the next decade and liability claims are the most common. They are also very expensive; for example, Reputation harm claim costs $50,000 on average.

If you are still in doubt about purchasing general liability insurance for your business, here is another good reason to do it: some companies (large companies mostly) may refuse to work with you if you do not carry insurance. That`s because they realize that a liability claim against you may get you out of business if you are not insured, and they prefer having this guarantee that you are able to complete your work.

On the other hand, you should also know that this type of warranty will not protect you if you act irresponsibly, you are professionally negligent, or you mix your business expenses with personal expenses.

general liability insurance

General liability insurance is not the same thing with Professional liability insurance

Many people make this confusion, but these two types of insurance are different. We already detailed the concept of general liability insurance; professional liability, on the other hand, covers the costs related to committing errors in the provided services and products, failure to uphold contractor duties, performing incomplete work, making mistakes and omissions, misrepresentation, inaccurate advice as well as violation of good faith. It is also known as Malpractice insurance and is more specific than general liability insurance.

What Makes a Great Head Hunter?

using a head hunter to find LICSW jobs in MA

What are the skills that a good recruiter has to master today? These skills become more obvious by contrast, if we look at the evolution of the changes that the recruitment went through in time.

A great head hunter needs to know psychology

At one point, we started talking about job rotation and job enhancement, as solutions to the monotony of a small job that had to be done daily, for a lifetime. Few realized, but that was the moment when individuals began to count in the work equation and were not treated anymore as robots. Their conscious and feelings started to count and could not be neglected anymore. As labor has become less and less enslaving, the recruiter’s mission got a little more complicated. Most of the job announcements contained a phrase like “ability to work under stress conditions”, except that there was no device which could measure how much stress a candidate could tolerate. The recruiter had to learn psychology and make a difference between people, according to their abilities and personality traits. Helping someone look for LICSW jobs MA opportunities, is different than assisting someone else in a search for operations jobs in CA. A great head hunter needs to know industries and locations to help people get the best jobs available.

A great head hunter has to adapt to each generation

At a certain moment, in HR, people started talking about a new concept: job satisfaction. Specialists agreed that people should like what they do because the professional satisfaction of the employees is directly and indirectly involved in labor productivity. The new generations – Millennials and Generation Z – do not compromise on this anymore; they will resign the next day if they don’t like the job. True, they have the advantage of the new technology which allows them to work from anywhere and anytime, in forms that no longer resemble the work of the past generations.

A great head hunter needs to see the value of each candidate

At present, we talk about the commitment of the employees, which is more than satisfaction; we talk about evolution and personal development through work, and we reinterpret the work in completely new, different formulas. Going to work for 8 hours a day, having an awful boss or retiring after doing the same job your entire life are history now.

A great head hunter needs to have knowledge about building an employer brand

Nowadays, a good recruiter has to master three activities perfectly: (1) Sourcing – knowing where to find good job candidates, especially in a deficient market, (2) Attracting Talent – emphasizing the benefits offered by the employer and attracting the right candidates, especially in a competitive market (3) Selection – knowing how to identify the right candidate by looking behind appearances.

Completely new recruitment skills: marketing and sales

It takes talent more than ever, people who can make a difference, who are proactive, have innovative ideas and think differently, because what is important for today’s companies is not to come out with a standard and cheap product, but to come up with disruptive ideas, to reinvent the rules of the game. In this context, good companies are fighting for good employees, but they must know how to attract them. The recruiter’s mission is changing, and it is more difficult and challenging than ever: head hunters still need to know psychology very well, but they must learn some new recruiting skills and competences that were not in the HR field 10 years ago: to become a marketing agent and a salesman at the same time, with solid knowledge of Social Media.