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Advantages of a Real Estate Agent in Buying a Home

Some things are better left in the hands of the experts.

In this digital age, information is just a click away and access to DIY tips and tutorials is at our fingertips – so it could be tempting to skip hiring a real estate agent and do everything yourself. However, searching through so much data will keep you glued to the screen and knowing where to start requires experience and education that you simply cannot get in a short time. Therefore, in order to save your energy and make the right choice, whether you want to buy or sell a home, pay for a professional to represent you.

Hiring a professional real estate agent listing houses for sale in Erie CO saves you time and money and, most of all, he/ she makes the process of buying or selling a property smooth and easy. And since your agent is just a phone call away, you can get the result you need in no time.

houses for sale in Erie CO

Here are 3 advantages of collaborating with a real estate agent in buying a property in Erie CO:

Qualified experience

A professional real estate agent buys and sells more properties in a year than a person will do in their entire life, which is a guarantee that they will help you avoid pitfalls. For example, sales contracts are long and confusing and even a small mistake can lead to big problems. But, since real estate agents deal with these contracts on a daily basis, they have the expertise to guide you with the documents you need, in a simple and efficient way.

In addition, professional agents have information about the neighborhood, from the best schools and parks to the fastest routes to work. So your agent will know if there are any developments underway that will change the neighborhood in the future, such as a new residential complex or a major highway construction. By finding out in which direction the neighborhood is heading, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

A global network for your local issues

A real estate agent who is part of a larger organization has the advantage of a global network on which to rely. With a larger community of experts behind them, your agent can get detailed information about the market conditions in your dream city, or can put you in touch with other experts such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, interior designers, and many others.

Sophisticated resources for the best results

If you are interested in houses for sale in Erie CO, a professional real estate agent has access to the latest data, so you will be the first person to know when a real estate property that meets your requirements enters the market, so it can help you react quickly. An agent will be ready to schedule a tour of the house as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss the house of your dreams, just because someone who knew the market better saw it before you!

At the same time, you may not know how much a home is really worth without having information about similar transactions in the neighborhood, so you will need a comparative market analysis from a professional real estate agent.


I Want to Sell My Business. Now What?

how to sell my business

In the process of selling a company, it is very important to understand the real reasons why you want to sell your business, but also how to make the transfer, so that you get the desired results.

The result of the sale is directly influenced by yours and your broker`s ability to make the transfer by taking into account a few simple rules and approaching a transparent attitude towards the reasons why you decided to sell the business.

How to sell my business? Follow these organized steps:


  • Business analysis

Diagnosis (legal, commercial, technical, human resources, financial)


Realistic Business Plan

Evaluation / Price Expectations

  • Implementation of strategy & materials

Sale of shares vs. transfer of business

Strategic Investors vs. Financial Investors

Total / partial success


The working team

Estimated working schedule

  • Identify investors

Long list

Marketing the proposal to the prospects in the list and through specialized platforms


Short list

Meetings, visits, trips

Select prospectuses

Indicative offer

Due Diligence

  • Contract negotiation. Completion

Final Offer

Negotiations: Price, Terms & Conditions, Representations & Warranties


Transfer price-shares / shares

Post-completion procedures

Beware of mistakes often made by business owners in the process of selling the business, as well as their consequences! 


  • Giving too little importance to business preparation
  • Building price expectations on a strictly subjective basis, without taking into account the market situation, similar transactions etc.
  • Starting the process of selling the business without the consent of partners and / or families (if applicable)
  • During the negotiations, becoming emotionally involved, beyond the control
  • Being inflexible
  • Imagining that by hiding certain aspects of the business, they will not be discovered by anyone until the end
  • Being too optimistic when providing information and estimates about the future potential of the business (the business includes false data and information), believing that the investor will pay the money without checking;
  • Granting unjustifiably, during due diligence, full access to many of the extremely confidential information related to customers, employees etc.
  • Confusion is made between the business and the company’s assets or the value of the assets is overestimated in the transaction price
  • The importance of internal confidentiality is underestimated, and the information that the business is sold reaches the market and / or employees, with disastrous effects for the sale;
  • Most business owners call their business “my child”, and assume that the investor has the same feelings about the “child”, but this is not true.


  • The transaction may fail even in spite of the desire to sell or the fairness of the price and conditions that are being offered
  • The investor may withdraw their intention to buy after due diligence, but is left with a lot of information that they can use in their interest
  • You can jeopardize the “life” of the business, if, when you have to choose between selling at a lower price and not selling at all, you choose the latter option – given that the sale was perhaps the only valid option
  • Employees, competitors, banks, suppliers find out that you want to sell and exploit the information in their own interest
  • Employees get scared and leave the company, together with customers
  • Negotiations may fail in a disastrous way and, from a potential partner, you get yourself with a fierce rival.



4 Essential Benefits of Choosing Local Colorado Mortgage Lenders for Future Mortgage Deals

Are you looking to find the best Colorado mortgage lenders? While some experts might urge you to consider larger lenders operating throughout the entire country, small, local lenders might be the best choice for you from many other points of perspective. Basically, if you’re interested in a fast-paced closing process, a flexible set of reliable deals and options, and all the local expertise you’ll ever want, these professionals will be the best people to ask about a Colorado mortgage loan.

  1. They Are Quicker to Respond and Communicate

The biggest problem with large mortgage lenders who have offices everywhere in the country is that they can be harder to talk to. When you’re looking for fast support and a company that can give you genuine attention, answer all your questions, and be there when you need them, it’s often best to go with a local Colorado mortgage lender.

Most of the best local mortgage lenders will respond to your calls and emails extremely fast, provide you with honest advice, and put their passion and expertise to the task in order to find you the best mortgage on the Colorado market.

  1. Local Lenders Know a Lot About the Local Market

When you’re looking to tackle the local Colorado market, and find the best mortgage rates, you’ll want to talk to a Colorado mortgage lenders that know all the ins and outs of what happens locally.

Smaller lenders are far more knowledgeable about the local economics, and they have an excellent sense of the lending risks that apply to the specific area you’re in. Unlike larger lenders, they’ll know precisely where properties will maintain or increase their values, or when a borrower with a spotty employment history might have found employment with a growing corporation.

  1. They Can Offer Specialized Products

In spite of the diversity that they offer, larger lenders usually won’t bother with some types of specialized loans. But what if for something like an adjustable-rate mortgage loan featuring a 15-year lock? Also, in some cases you might be looking to refinance your existing mortgage for less than $100,000.

These are cases that would warrant looking for a reliable local lender. Smaller, local mortgage lenders will offer you a better choice when it comes to dealing with these types of deals, and some of them even have entire compliance departments that can help you out with the terms.

  1. They Are Much More Flexible

Flexibility is an asset that can’t be found too easily when you’re dealing with larger lenders. Most of them will be great at managing the numbers for a large number of loan applications. However, in doing that they retain a more rigid set of guidelines with regards to the terms of each offer.

Small, local lenders focus on a specific niche, and are able to ensure a greater degree of flexibility within that niche. Unlike large lenders, they also offer insight on non-agency mortgages that banks tend to keep on its own books, rather than sending them through FHA or many of the other well-known residential mortgage lenders within the US.